THOMAS DURAND product designer

About me

About me


Studying / living / working in France, Japan and Netherlands helped me stay open minded my whole life.

Through my various experiences I was able to use my skills in product creation, color & trim design, applied to sportswear but also automotive interiors.

Sport always played a huge part in my life, bringing focus and balance.

On the court or at work, I consider myself a solution seeker and a team player. Building strong relationships based on trust is key to achieve success.

Quick background : studied international trade English/Japanese, lived in Japan, studied product design in Paris,France, worked at Nike Ehq, then Nike Headquarters as a footwear designer.

After 7 years at Nike, I have created many shoes and worked on numerous various projects. From sketching, concepting and pitching, to techpacking and finessing, I enjoy every step of the process and make sure to be a driving force in the team.

I will only share on my website the projects that made it to market for legal reasons.

"Some men see things as they are and say WHY? I dream things that never were and say WHY NOT" (Robert F. Kennedy, 1968)